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Fall is a time for transition




It’s a new year and time for some fresh-starts! I’ll be extending my 3-session solution-focused deal through the spring to help clear-out the clutter! 3 sessions for $150!

I’m also offering extended evening hours, they go fast so please specify that you’re seeking them when you contact me!


That ‘most wonderful’ and most stressful time of the year is almost here!

IMG_1177 (2)


Today is a day to reflect on the grateful tension of our joys and sorrows. Recently I reflected on a twenty-year journey through my own chronic pain experiences and how that has informed my work as a counselor. Check out my new piece for Everyday Mindfulness “Being in the body.”

8/4/14: One of my new adverts. I do love some humor:


7/23/14: So true!


7/16/14: How might depression relate to the natural immune-system induced inflammation in your body? How cool is this research?

7/14/2014: The Cracked Podcast is one of my faves-this one tackles the reality that our memory is utterly fallible. I find that somewhat freeing. As one of my favorite wise-persons said; “sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment”-Rumi. Have a listen! “14 Ways Your Memory is a Filthy Liar” by Cracked

6/25/14: What a time to be present as the world changes!

6/24/14: This article on the ’25 ways to know you’re succeeding even if it doesn’t feel that way’ is a cool little checklist on the ways we may be enacting wellness without even noticing it!

Hope you enjoy!

6/20/14: Every now-and-then I’ll be posting recent ongoing fascinations or interesting trinkets around the world of the mind/heart/viscera. Lately I’ve returned to my stable passion for music as therapy-it’s been an effective grounding method for me for many years! I’m also a book-buff, and when literature and music meet I’m especially enchanted. One of my favorite reads is High Fidelity by Nick Hornby. A great film adaptation was made in 2000, I recommend both as a summer-season indulgence. The main character and his flock of aural aficionados often bicker about their ‘top-5 desert island’ lists. I suppose this is my summer 2014 list of ‘therapeutic’ tunes. I could name lots more but let’s try these on for size?

“China” by Sparkadia

“Dig Your Own Hole” by Gotye

“Walking in My Shoes” by Depeche Mode

“Flaws” by Bastille

“Ordinary People” by John Legend

“Demons” by Imagine Dragons

“Hold On” by Alabama Shakes

“Unashamed Desire” by Missy Higgins

“Talk” by Coldplay

Hope you dig!


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  1. Cyndi Bailey says:

    Loving the wealth of beneficial information you’ve provided. Thanks so much!

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