Getting Grounded

These are some amazing, joyful, humorous, challenging and consciousness-raising items that have inspired me in my life and my work-I hope they resonate for you as well! Please feel free to leave respectful comments or email me, especially if you would like to share something inspiring to you!

*these are items of my own personal and professional interest and do not specifically represent the values of my colleagues, employers or collaborators.*

~~~click each link and enjoy!~~~


Jackson Katz on masculinity and violence

Jackson’s “Tough Guise” doco

2Cellos-some of my favorite ‘music therapy!’

You Tube social commentary by Laci Green & comic and crass Jenna Marbles  (adult content)

Tony Porter’s call to men

Adventures in Depression with Hyperbole and a Half

Beverly Tatum defines racism

The amazing works of Langston Hughes (includes audio playback & text)

Ran Gavrieli explains why he quit porn (adult content)

1044104_602459036441811_581253720_nThe philosophy of self-motivation

Sir Patrick Stewart’s Amnesty Int’l call to action on domestic violence

U of U genetics amazing interactive website on drugs and their addictive processes including how our social circumstances and sense of power may be related to drug use

Former NFL punter and social justice advocate Chris Kluwe (read his book Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies)

C. Russ Harris

C. Russ Harris

Egypt’s grassroots anti-violence movement

“You are what you love, not what loves you”-Adaptation free_2563780

Misrepresentation (documentary) by Jennifer S. Newsom

Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot

The multicultural, subversive, short-lived TV series Firefly

“woman is a ray of God, she is not that earthly beloved. She is creative, not created”-Jallaludin Rumi

Mike Rowe helps a young man understand getting out ‘of his head’ in order to succeed

A “dude feminist” on how Feminism does not = Evil


thank you affirmative NFL pros!

Taryn Brumfitt challenges body politics

A beer-drinking heterosexual man explains how he balances straightness with openness

What is Ableism?

Invisible disability

Louis CK delivers one of the best love confessions ever and the funniest comic example of white first-world privilege (adult language)

“I said to the sun, ‘Tell me

about the big bang.’ The sun

said, ‘it hurts to


Sins Invalid (disability social justice performance art-adult content)

Karen Thompson on what fear can teach us

Dustin Hoffman explains how dressing as a woman expanded his awarenessfree_6541268

Amazing videos with therapist Brene Brown; on critics, shame and vulnerability

Comedian Greg Behrendt on why You Must Rock (adult language)

Why we’re all ‘Bozos on the Bus’ by Elizabeth lesser

The Cracked podcast deconstructs modern sexism (adult language)

C. Audre Lorde

Hooray for Audre!

“Siren Song” by Margaret Atwood

John Dehlin explains how he became an Mormon LGBTQ ally

Breaking through the binary  with iO Tillett Wright

Just some of the amazing Upworthy vids on LGBTQ, body politics ???????????????????????????????????????

Lizzie Velazquez on redefining the self

Cheri Huberread her books “There is Nothing Wrong with You” & “I Don’t Want To, I Don’t Feel Like It: How resistance controls your life and what to do about it”

Russel Harris explains Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

C. Cheri Huber (she rocks)

C. Cheri Huber (she rocks-click to see larger)

Jon Kabat-Zinn on ‘the full catastrophe’; how mindfulness matters

How white Feminists can address our own racism

“Your Freedom and mine cannot be separated”Nelson Mandela

Tim Wise on the problems of colorblindness

The New View on Women’s sexual health issues free_6541044

FloLiving Center CEO Alisa Vitti on “loving your lady parts”

Time Magazine-“Rape Culture is Real”

Isatou Touray on ending gender violence

“It doesn’t get better, you get better”Joan Rivers

DV Survivor Leslie Morgan Steiner on why Domestic Violence survivors don’t leave

Buzzfeed explains how rape culture is all around the media

Death with Dignity

You don’t think your way into

a new kind of living. You live

your way into a new kind of

thinking.-Henri J.M. Nouwen

C. Audre Lorde/image mashup via Tumblr

C. Audre Lorde/image mashup via Tumblr


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